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LG’s Innovative Massage Chair Takes Center Stage at Seoul Pop-Up Stores

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SEOUL, Sept. 13 (Korea Bizwire) — LG Electronics is setting up a temporary store where you can try out their new massage chair called “Healing Me Arte.” This store will be located in two places in Seoul: Alver Coffee Gangnam, a café in Gangnam-gu, and Schedule Corp’s Cheongdam branch, a fancy restaurant. You can visit these places from September 16 to 23.

The Healing Me Arte massage chair has a unique design that looks like a comfy lounge chair. It’s made to be less bulky and more stylish than traditional massage chairs. LG Electronics wants this pop-up store to be like a relaxing lounge in the middle of the city. They want you to see and feel the chair’s design and massage features in person.

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LG Electronics recently had another pop-up store for Healing Me Arte with a garden theme at IFC Mall in Yeouido from September 7 to 14 of this month. About 500 people visited the store every day. People who tried the Healing Me Arte chair really liked how it’s more compact and practical compared to other massage chairs. They also praised its advanced massage functions.

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The Healing Me Arte chair has a special massage mechanism with a ball that moves in six directions, not just up and down but also side to side and even front to back. It imitates different hand massage techniques like rubbing, acupressure, and tapping. It offers seven different massage programs, including one for people who drive a lot or work in offices.

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You can customize the massage to your liking, adjusting things like the area, speed, and intensity. Plus, you can control it wirelessly and use it as a Bluetooth speaker.

Image credit: LG Electronics / photonews@koreabizwire.com

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