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Gyeonggi Province Designates ‘Tasha’s Garden 251’ as Private Garden No. 2


SUWON, Oct. 2 (Korea Bizwire) – On Saturday, the Gyeonggi Provincial Government announced the registration of ‘Tasha’s Garden 251’ located in Sanpan-ri, Jojong-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, as Gyeonggi Province’s Private Garden No. 2. 

Tasha’s Garden 251 is a privately owned garden covering 5,839 square meters. It features a variety of trees and native plants, including pine trees, maple trees, yellow-filamentous meadow-rues, and the Chinese astilbes. The garden is well-integrated with the surrounding valleys, boasting an excellent ecological environment.

With over 40 percent of its area covered by greenery, the garden meets the registration criteria for Private Gardens, offering amenities such as parking and restroom facilities for visitors.

About twenty years ago, after reading a book by the renowned children’s book author Tasha Tudor, the owner of the garden was inspired to create a space that could bring happiness and good health to others.


In August, the Gyeonggi Provincial Government received an application for Private Garden registration. After a thorough review of the registration criteria, garden quality, and the applicant’s intentions, the registration was confirmed.

A Private Garden, defined under the Act on Arboretums and Gardens, refers to a garden created and operated by corporations, organizations or individuals. Currently, there are a total of 103 registered Private Gardens nationwide.

Gyeonggi Province’s first registered Private Garden is ‘Ellie’s Garden’ located in Haenghyeon-ri, Sang-myeon, Gapyeong-gun.

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