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The Army: The Best Years of Your Youth


I was a college student who wanted to be an architect to create the world a better place to live.

Now I am a recon scout with the army.

I wanted to impress the world with my Taekwondo skills.

I am now a gunner in charge of a K-9 self-propelled howitzer.

I used to be an actor loved by millions of fans.

Now I work as a boot camp instructor.

I wanted to feed the world with my cooking skills.

Now I feed my fellow soldiers at the military kitchen.

SEOUL, Korea, Nov 07 (Korea Bizwire) – In a video “The Army: The Best Years of Your Youth” released by the Republic of Korea Army on YouTube, you can see a familiar face. This 80-second public service message features four young men who have led widely different lives but become same soldiers with the army. In this video, Yoo Seung-ho, a 20-year-old actor famous for his role as a brat in a 2002 movie The Way Home, appears as a boot camp instructor.

In addition to Yoo, other three young men who exclaim “We are the future of Korea!” are also something to watch. Let’s watch this video showing the pillars of Korea who defer their dreams and defend the nation in what they are good at.

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