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Keeping Your Scalp Cool for Beautiful, Voluminous Hair

“My son is destined to be a great painter like Picasso,

My husband is such a generous person that he always treats his friends big time,

My mother-in-law must be feeling so comfortable with me that she visits us so often without even calling ahead.” 

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct 03 (Korea Bizwire) – Your boy makes a big mess while you’re out. Your husband doesn’t care at all about the mess, taking a nap on the sofa after a big crazy night of drinking. Your mother-in-law visits your house so often without warning that you start thinking she is like your own mother. 

For married women with kids, life is full of stressful events. This commercial goes through all the frustrating moments that any married women would have understood right away from their own experience. 

Now you probably wonder what this commercial is selling. The advertiser of this message is trying to sell a shampoo product called “Ryoe.” This specially prepared shampoo can keep your hair from falling off from scalp heat, generated by, well, aggravations in life’s events and thus make your hair more voluminous and beautiful. 

Stress makes your temper grow high and your scalp hot as a result. This may lead to early hair loss! The female actor “Jang Young-nam,” famous for her comic roles in dramas, portrays a woman in misery. This commercial will give you a big laugh with all the witty and ironic remarks.

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