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Seoul’s Public Dog Pool Makes a Splash with Over 1,800 Happy Canines and 2,500 Pet Owners

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SEOUL, Sept. 26 (Korea Bizwire) – The Seoul Metropolitan Government shared on Tuesday that a total of 1,826 dogs and 2,500 pet owners enjoyed the public dog pool at Ttukseomhangangang Park in Gwangjin-gu from September 2 to September 24.

The busiest day was September 10 when 526 pet owners and 376 dogs came to visit.

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The ‘Public Dog Pool,’ managed by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, unexpectedly became quite popular. It had several features, including a 700-square-meter artificial grass play area with equipment for dogs to frolic, shaded spots for owners to relax, changing rooms for both owners and dogs to use after swimming, showers, self-bathing stations, and dryers for dogs.

They also provided a first aid station and free rental life jackets for dogs who aren’t comfortable in the water.

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In total, 244 pets visited more than once, and a whopping 91% of the 922 surveyed customers expressed satisfaction.

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Customers were happy with the comfortable facilities, smooth operation, easy accessibility, well-designed parking areas, presence of professional trainers, and convenient amenities, which contributed to their overall satisfaction.

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