Illegal Drones Disrupt Over 80 Flights at Incheon and Jeju Airports in Three Years | Be Korea-savvy

Illegal Drones Disrupt Over 80 Flights at Incheon and Jeju Airports in Three Years

A drone delivery service demonstration (Yonhap)

A drone delivery service demonstration (Yonhap)

SEOUL, Sept. 23 (Korea Bizwire) – A recent report reveals that Incheon International Airport has grappled with the impact of illegal drone activities, resulting in over 80 flight disruptions, including delays and diversions, within the past three years.

Based on data furnished by the Incheon International Airport Corporation to the National Assembly and made public last Saturday, a total of 88 aircraft encountered issues caused by unauthorized drones from September 2020 to July of this year.

Among these incidents, 61 flights were delayed during departure, 19 had to be diverted (an emergency maneuver where an aircraft aborts its landing and returns to the air), and eight were redirected to Gimpo Airport.

Throughout this time frame, approximately 28 flights faced temporary suspensions lasting around 15 minutes due to drone incursions into restricted airspace.

In a parallel development, Jeju International Airport has also experienced disruptions linked to rogue drone activity. The Korea Airports Authority has documented two such incidents at Jeju Airport this year. In one case, the drone operator was apprehended and fined, while the other attempt was unsuccessful.
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