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Seventeen’s Unique Pop-Up Store Takes Center Stage at Shinsegae Department Store Gangnam


SEOUL, Sep. 4 (Korea Bizwire) — A unique pop-up store dedicated to the popular K-pop group Seventeen will run until September 10 at Shinsegae Department Store Gangnam, as announced by the leading department store chain on Sunday.

This event marks a significant milestone as it will be the very first K-pop artist pop-up to grace “The Stage,” an exclusive space within the Gangnam store designed for such temporary showcases.


Titled ‘Artist-Made Collection by Seventeen,’ this project is a remarkable display of products crafted and curated by the members of Seventeen, each reflecting their individual sensibilities and tastes.

The project will be presented in three distinct seasons, with the inaugural season premiering at The Stage in Shinsegae Gangnam.


The pop-up store will be brimming with a diverse array of products that not only mirror the personalities and preferences of Escoops, Jung, Joshua, and Jun (who are featured in the first season) but also offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the 10-month production journey through videos and photos.

In addition to the artist-designed items, there will be official merchandise commemorating Seventeen’s Seoul solo performance, “Follow.” Among the standout offerings are trading card and sticker sets, postcard books, and acrylic stand keyrings.

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Visitors will have the opportunity to experience these captivating products in a dedicated showroom space on the 1st floor of The Stage before making their purchases at the official sales store located on the 1st basement floor.

It’s worth noting that The Stage has been a hallmark of Shinsegae Department Store since its introduction in 2018. Over the years, renowned luxury brands such as Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, and Roger Vivier have graced this space with their own captivating pop-up events.

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