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Tada Introduces English Language Services for Foreign Users

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SEOUL, June 1 (Korea Bizwire) — VCNC, the operator of the mobility platform Tada, announced on Thursday that it has introduced English language services to the Tada application (app) for foreign users.

Consequently, foreign users will now have the ability to use the Tada app in English throughout the entire process, from hailing a ride to reaching their destination.

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If your phone’s language setting is set to English, the Tada app will automatically be displayed in English when you access it.

This language feature also extends to situations where a foreigner doesn’t personally hail a Tada ride, but instead has a friend or acquaintance use the ‘hail for me’ feature on their behalf.

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As the final passenger, foreigners will now have the ability to receive text updates about Tada’s vehicles, including real-time location information, in English.

Tada emphasized that by enhancing the app’s usability ahead of the summer vacation season, it aims to actively meet the needs of foreigners traveling to and from the airport through the “Call for Me” service, as well as those exploring Seoul with the “Hourly Rental” service.

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Image credit: VCNC, Yonhap / photonews@koreabizwire.com

1. (말을) 타다[몰다], 승마하다
2. 말 타러[승마하러] 가다
3. (차량자전거 등을) 타고 달리기[가기]
4. (=lift)

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