[Infographic] More Painful than childbirth! Untold Agony of Uninary Stones | Be Korea-savvy

[Infographic] More Painful than childbirth! Untold Agony of Uninary Stones

Urinary Stones-1

SEOUL, July 22 (Korea Bizwire)  – Men are easily diagnosed with urinary stones and the pain from the stones is several times more excruciating than that of childbirth. The urinary stone caused by small bits of hard material that form in urinary tract and obstruct the flow of urine is a painful disease. The symptoms vary from renal colic, abdominal pain, nausea, vomit and indigestion, back pain, blood in urine, residual urine, and urination pain to no symptom.

However, the urinary stone causes any symptoms, so you need to prevent the disease through regular check-ups. It is important to have a habit drinking much water and it is good to consume fruits with abundant citric acid. Besides avoiding foods with salt, cutting down on protein and sodium hydroxide is a good way to avoid the disease.

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