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Suzy’s “Good Summer Song”

SEOUL, July 2 (Korea Bizwire) – Miss A’s Suzy, dubbed as “People’s First Lover,” starred again with another Vita500 Drink’s commercial themed as “Good Summer Song.”

The song, a lyric change of a beloved song of “Game Room” of Han’s Band in the 1990s, shows lively melody and with Suzy’s various charming appearances in the scene, the commercial will present fresh air to people suffering from hot humid summer.

Kwangdong Pharmaceutical, producer of the energy drink Vita500, selected Suzy as its model for two consecutive years and her commercial is now the talk of the town reflecting her popularity in Korea.

Vita500 is a caffeine- and preservative-free energy drink containing vitamins and antioxidants. Also containing electrolytes and carbohydrates, the beverage effectively replenishes sodium loss attributed to vigorous exercise.

Vita500 is specially designed to improve absorption of necessary daily vitamins, stimulate the immune system, enhance physical strength, promote more energy in the body, and help the body regain vitality.

Meanwhile, Kwangdong is spreading various “Goodwill” events along with the commercial. One of the events was the recently finished “Sending Good Heart” campaign allowing participants to send their loving hearts to their friends and family members. To overcome the hot summer, how about enjoying Suzy’s song helping us recharge with vitamins?

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