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Suzy’s Sultry Suggestion, “How about ‘Sprite’ Shower?”

SEOUL, May 27 (Korea Bizwire)When does Suzy’s attractiveness run out? Miss A’s Suzy, dubbed as “People’s First Love” and starring in dozens of commercials already, appeared on a new Sprite TV commercial. Of all commercials she has appeared, this one is highly appreciated as the “all-time best.”

In the latest commercial, Suzy appears looking sexy wearing a white sleeveless blouse and light blue short pants with her long hair and asks a young man sweating in a steaming subway train, “Do you want a ‘Sprite’ shower together?”

On cue with her suggestion, the train is poured with cool Sprite and the passengers dance with each other in the train car. The commercial shows the characteristics of Sprite, cooling off the heat wave of hot summer.

Prior to the commercial, a Coca-Cola official said after selecting Suzy as the main spokesperson of the company, “We selected her as her image of clean and cool smile blowing away the heat wave matches perfectly with the features of our Sprite. Her cool and sexy attractiveness will create excellent synergies with Sprite this summer.”

From purity to cuteness and sexiness, let’s appreciate all the charm of Suzy in the Sprite commercial.

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