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Paint a Cottage Style Table Before and Afters with Tutorial

One of the most affordable ways to get a whole new look for your home is with paint. Whether it is painting the walls a fresh color or doing a more extensive remodel, paint can change the mood and style of any room.

During our kitchen update last year, the more we worked on painting the kitchen cabinets white, the more I wanted to update the kitchen table too.

Paint a Cottage Style Table Before and Afters with Tutorial

The original oak was dark and looked drab next to the updated cabinets. I dreamed of having a cottage style table so this was my chance.

Here are the supplies I used  to paint a cottage style table –

Paint – I used Cloud White paint by Benjamin Moore Advanced in satin
Primer – I used Stix brand primer
Topcoat – I used Gianni Topcoat/Sealer
TSP or other De-greasing cleaner
Sanding blocks in 80 grit and 240 grit
cheese and tack cloth
paint brushes,drop cloth,wrench to remove bolts holding the tabletop, 2 x 4’s


Dining Table Before and Afters with Tutorial

We started by speading a drop cloth on the floor under the table and setting the legs up on 2×4’s to make it easier to paint. We then removed the tabletop and setting it aside.. This made is easy to sand, prime and paint the pedestal. I worked in stages by cleaning, sanding,priming and painting the pedestal first. After the pedestal was completed, we replaced the tabletop and repeated the steps.

The pedestal was first cleaned with Mean Green Super Strength Degreaser, rinsed and dried. Then the pedestal was sanded with 80 grit sandpaper and wiped with cheesecloth. Primer was applied by brush, making sure that each brush stroke went in the same direction. This makes it easier to sand across the brushstrokes for a smooth finish.

Each coat of  primer and paint were allowed to dry overnight before moving on. Sand the primer with 240 grit sandpaper and then apply a second coat.of primer. So the steps are sand, prime,sand,prime,sand, paint, sand then paint. After sanding the first coat of paint, lightly rub the tack cloth over the pedestal to get all of the dust off the surface before the final paint coat.

Dining Table Before and Afters with Tutorial

When the pedestal has been painted and dried overnight, replace the tabletop. Painting the pedestal took 4 days, including drying times.

Our table came with a leaf that is built-in and cannot be removed. To paint the tabletop, we extended the table with the leaf and left spaces between. Repeat the cleaning, sanding, priming and painting steps from the pedestal.

Dining Table Before and Afters with Tutorial

This is the tabletop with 2 coats of primer.

Dining Table Before and Afters with Tutorial

All of the brush strokes are going in the same direction, with the wood grain. Sand across the wood grain to sand down the ridges from the brush strokes, leaving a smooth surface. The entire table was primed and painted using a brush rather than a roller, to get down into the grain of the wood. The paint we used is self-leveling which really cut down the amount of sanding that needed done.


Dining Table Before and Afters with Tutorial

Latex and Alkyd  paints have a curing time of 23 days, for the paint to reach maximum hardness. After 23 days, the topcoat was applied. This is the only time we used a roller during this project. The topcoat required another 10 days of drying time to cure.

Paint a Cottage Style Table Before and Afters with Tutorial

After following all of the steps, we have a durable, smooth finish. There is a nice shine to it too.This is exactly the look I wanted and was worth all of the effort.

Paint a Cottage Style Table Before and Afters with Tutorial


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Paint A Cottage Style Table
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