Design ideas to turn an old oak wet bar into a farmhouse beverage center



Recently, we finally made the decision to re-do our wet bar into a farmhouse beverage bar! I am really excited to share what we do with you, so I’ll be putting updates on the blog so you can see it.

We don’t use this area very much so I want to turn it into something more useful, like a beverage bar for coffee and soda.  When we first moved into this house, one of the first things I wanted to do was paint all of the cabinets and trim white. Matthew didn’t want to rush in with the paint, so we waited and did a ton of other projects instead. Well, 7 years later it is finally happening!

By starting small and painting the old wet bar first, it hopefully will give me an idea of how much work and time the kitchen cabinets will take to paint. Is it possible to feel terror and joy at the same time? The room faces North, so I am thinking Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White for the paint.  There are so many other choices I thought that an idea board might help organize me. Have you re-done a wet bar? Have any tips for me? I will take all of the help I can get!

Design ideas to turn an old oak wet bar into a farmhouse beverage center

This is what it looks like now. Matthew already took down the old wine rack that was falling off the wall. It was pulling the other cabinet down with it. I want to put shelves up in its place. The old laminate counter is beige and I was thinking about painting it black. As a backsplash, glass tiles would be my first choice. Or maybe subway tiles? What do you think?

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Farmhouse Beverage Bar
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