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Comic Commercial for Korean Traditional Sweet Beverage

SEOUL, May 9 (Korea Bizwire) – A new YouTube commercial featuring Korea’s man of “gangster honor” Kim Bo-sung has logged in more than 600,000 hits within a few days of launch.

The comic action star amuses the viewer by crying out “No caffeine, no carbonic acid, no artificial color!” Using his trademark word “euiri” (Korean equivalent of Japanese word “giri” or “burden of duty”), he surprises a girl trying to drink an Americano by taking the cup with a karate chop and instead offers a can of sikhye (traditional sweet Korean rice beverage). He “threatens” a boy holding a can of energy drink with the same sikhye can.

In the final scene, he turns his back and leaves viewers entertained with his long guffaw. Vilac, Korea’s dairy producer, has attracted so much public’s attention thanks to this commercial. The company will soon produce sequels featuring Kim. Don’t miss the blooper scenes at the end!

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