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Land Ministry Publishes Architecture Textbook for Children


“My First Architecture Book” has been published by The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation for helping elementary students understand architectural idea.(image : dalbera @ flickr)

SEOUL, Korea, Nov 13 (Korea Bizwire) – The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation has published an architecture textbook for elementary school children. Titled “My First Architecture Book,” it is intended to motivate the youths to be interested in architecture at an early age. It took three full years for the ministry to publish the book since 2011 from conception and research to actual book writing. 

We are surrounded by buildings and architectural structures in all our lives, but don’t realize the importance of them. The government agency wanted to change that by familiarizing the children with the public goods in an engaging way. Written by architects from the Architectural Institute of Korea and the Korea Institute of Registered Architects and consulted by 400 professionals, the book is filled with illustrations to help the reader’s understanding. 

Divided into six chapters including “people and architecture,” “house and lifestyle,” and “how to build a village.” the textbook attempts to address issues in architecture from different angles. In addition to the textbook for children, there is a teacher’s edition with complementary examples and resources. 

Anyone can download the book from the ministry’s website at for free. Alternatively the printed edition can be purchased by calling the ministry at 044-201-3779/3780/3783.

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