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New Dokdo AR Filter Allows Users to Capture Photos Anywhere


SEOUL, May 25 (Korea Bizwire) — An intriguing new filter is generating excitement as it enables users to capture photos of themselves alongside the Dokdo, which holds great significance for both South and North Koreans.

Vank (Voluntary Agency Network of Korea), a cyber diplomacy mission, announced on Thursday the launch of the “Dokdo AR (augmented reality) filter.” This filter empowers users to incorporate Dokdo into their photos from any location and at any time.

The filter, accessible through Vank’s official Instagram account, showcases the beauty of Dokdo while incorporating its native plants, such as seomgiricho (also known as Ulleungdo Stonecrop), wang-hae-guk, and wood sorrels.

To coincide with the filter’s release, Vank is organizing the “Daily Dokdo Challenge” event, encouraging participants to express their affection and support for Dokdo in various aspects of their daily lives. Simply utilize the filter to capture a photo or video and share it on Instagram Story, Release, or Feed from your Vank account.

Participants may also save their posts as “Story Highlights” to chronicle their day with Dokdo. The contest will run until June 9, with prizes including a Dokdo promotional kit and tumbler.


Park Ki-tae, spokesperson for Vank, expressed, “By utilizing the filters, you can summon Dokdo into your current space, take photos with friends, family, or loved ones, and share them on social media (SNS), demonstrating your ongoing interest and love for Dokdo, regardless of your location.”

This month, the number of individuals issued honorary residency certificates for Dokdo exceeded 100,000. On May 8, Ulleung-gun, an island adjacent to Dokdo, reported that a teenager became the 100,000th recipient by applying through the website on May 6. As a result, Ulleung-gun awarded him an honorary resident card and a Dokdo promotional souvenir.

Since November 10, 2010, the Dokdo Management Office in Ulleung-gun has been issuing honorary resident cards to individuals who have set foot on Dokdo or circumnavigated the island by boat. The number of recipients has notably increased, reaching 16,926 last year and 263 so far this year.

Honorary residents are entitled to complimentary or discounted access to tourist facilities in Ulleung-gun.

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