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[Infographic] To Prevent Hair Loss, Scalp Care Essential

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SEOUL, June 23 (Korea Bizwire) – Although lots of people do care for their skins, they sometimes fail to notice the importance of taking care of scalp, skin parts covered by hair.

But, passing over the careful management of scalp can cause scalp inflammation and even loss of your hair. During the summer season, especially, so much sweat can quicken the production of sebum, so you need to pay more attention to your skin.

In fact, scalp care is not that difficult. Like human skin, there are various types of scalp including oily scalp, dry scalp, sensitive scalp and inflammatory scalp and it is good to use the scalp pack in accordance with your individual scalp type.

The scalp pack can be made with ingredients which are available at any supermarket. Please, do extra-care for your precious scalp with natural packs and simple scalp massage.

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