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SK Telecom’s AI Speaker a Hit

(image: SK Telecom)

(image: SK Telecom)

SEOUL, May 8 (Korea Bizwire)SK Telecom announced yesterday that usage of the new “My Q&A” function of “NUGU,” its AI platform, had increased 20 percent within a month of its release.

The function, which was initiated in March, allows users to register their own questions and answers. The AI service gives out the answers via its speaker when asked a registered question.

Users commonly ask questions such as birthdates and home addresses of family members. Up to 30 questions and answers can be registered.

The AI system can also randomly give recommendations to certain questions. For example, if a user asks “what should I eat for lunch?” NUGU will give one of the three answers registered, such as “Chinese,” “Korean,” or “Japanese.”

The more popular questions registered involved important information or just things that people wanted to hear, like an answer to “Who is the most beautiful person on earth?”

SK Telecom expects the total number of registered questions to reach 800,000 by the year’s end.

“Many users enjoy the service because it comforts them and brings a small bit of happiness to their life,” said a spokesperson for SK Telecom, who went onto say that success of the service “indicates that users regard AI speakers as subjects of dialogue.”

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